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Wilhelm ja Sophie

The Society of the Veltheim Family

The Society of the Veltheim Family was established on 24th May 2001 in Hollola in Finland.

The history of the family

Our ambition is to study the history of the family and, by so doing, to bring together the family Members all over the world.

Most of the family Members are living in Finland, but a number of people are also living in Germany, Australia, USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Austria, and in Russia.

Every person belonging to the family through birth, or who is married to a person belonging to the family, can be a member of this Society.

The membership fee is only 15 euros per year.

For more information please contact Mrs Kirsi Veltheim-Pykälä, secretary and genealogist of the Society of the Veltheim Family. Email: kveltheim at

The Board of the Society of the Veltheim Family

Members of the Board for 2013 - 2016:

Chairman: Esa Kojo

Vice Chairman: Marja-Liisa Veltheim 

Secretary and member: Veera Tihtonen

Other members:

Hanna Veltheim-Lindberg

Lotta Veltheim

Risto Veltheim

Soila Veltheim

The early start of our Genealogy

Teuvo Veltheim carried out genealogical studies during the years 1910 to 1982. A short summary of the information he was able to find follows:

Corporal Johann Henrich Veltheim 1730
Johann Henrich Veltheim was born in Hildesheim on 15th April 1730. He served in the cavalry in Preuss (Königliches Gross-Britannisches Husarenchor), and his military rank was a corporal. He fought in the 7-year war in the corps of Fredrik the Great, and took part the Battle of Künesdorf. In the year 1760 at the age of 29, he was badly wounded.

Johann Henrich, the disabled veteran

The disabled veteran, Johann Henrich, lived in Hildesheim and got married to his first wife (her name is not known to us) in the year 1760. During the years 1761 to 1767 four children were born from this marriage.

Names of the children:
a) Johann Anton Veltheim, baptised 1761.
b) Johann Ludewig Veltheim, baptised 1764.
c) Friedrich Wilhelm Veltheim, baptised 1765.
d) Maria Dorothea Juliana Veltheim, baptised 1768.

The name of his second wife was Marie Margarethe Weiling. They married in 1768. They had one son. Friedrich Andreas Augustus Veltheim who was born in 1768. The family moved to Bad Munder in 1770, where his wife died in 1784.

Corporal Johann Henrich Veltheim

Corporal Johann Henrich Veltheim married for a third time in the year 1785. The name of his third wife was Marie Catharina Wulfe. She was born in 1756 in Bad Munder. Their only child was Christian Friedrich August Veltheim, who was born on 5th April 1786 in Bad Munder.

Only one year later, on 13th March 1787, father Johann Henrich died at the age of 56.

A carpenter

Christian Veltheim was a carpenter and pot peddler (Topfhändler in German).

He had a son (born 21st February 1810 in Bad Munder) with Marie Charlotte Steineken. They were not married. The name of the son was Christian Bernhard.

The descendants of Christian Bernhard used the name Feldheim. Only as late as 2004 did we find out that family members from Bad Munder using this name are in fact related to us.

Later Christian Veltheim married Dorothea Louise Heinemann, who was born in 1785 in Hanover. They had 8 children:

1) Mari Rosine Veltheim was born and died in 1811.
2) Johann Friedrich Carl Wilhelm was born in 1812, married to Karolina Charlotte Walking.
3) Christian Heinrich August Veltheim was born and died in 1815.
4) Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Veltheim born 17th June 1817 in Bad Munder, died in 1882 in Finland.
5) Conrad Dietrich Veltheim was born and died in 1820.
6) Johanna Dorothea Luise Veltheim was born in 1821 in Ovenstadt, and died 3rd December 1886 in Philadelphia USA.
7) Christina Wilhelmina Friederica Lisette Veltheim was born in 1827 and died probably in Philadelphia.
8) Sophia Wilhelmina Friederica Carolina Veltheim was born in 1827.

From Gernheim near Minden Germany to Nuutajarvi Finland

Our ancestor Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Veltheim who was born in 1817 in Bad Munder Germany, married Marie Sophie Katharina Dorothea Wilhelmina Dammeier. Sophie was born on 4th March 1821 in Uchterhofen.

Wilhelm was working as a foreman in the glassworks ( Hyttenmeister) in Gernheim near Minden.

Nuutajärvi glassworks

Nuutajärvi glassworks hired Wilhelm by invitation to work as a foreman in Finland, and so he moved to Finland in 1853.

His wife Sophie and their three eldest sons followed him in the year 1856. Four more children were born to the family here in Finland.

Wilhelm was highly appreciated as a real expert in glassblowing technology.



Picture of Friedrich Wilhelm Ludvig Veltheim´s Passport from Year 1853

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